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Dortmund | 14/06/2023
Launch of Groundbreaking A Major Leap towards Achieving EU's 2030 Renewable Energy Goals

Building on a proven track record in sustainable technology innovation, the creators of are excited to announce the launch of their revolutionary solution. This innovative solution aims to reveal the solar potential of every rooftop across Europe, directly supporting the European Union's ambitious goal of achieving 1 Terawatt Peak (TWp) of solar power by 2030. Born out of a company established in 2009 with significant successes in Germany, The Netherlands (, and Spain, is primed to transform the renewable energy landscape across Europe. The solution uses state-of-the-art Artificial intelligence algorithms, comprehensive data analysis, and Arial imagery to provide accurate estimates of solar potential for any rooftop. Stephan Wilforth, Founder of the company, remarked, "Our innovative solution is not just a practical tool for governments and commercial organizations, but it's also a significant stride towards a mission that extends beyond borders — the mass adoption of renewable energy in alignment with the EU's 2030 target." The launch of represents a powerful strategy for both homeowners and commercial and government entities to realize the broader implications of adopting solar power on a large scale. This solution offers a strategic route for developing comprehensive, sustainable energy initiatives and making tangible strides towards the EU's ambitious renewable energy goals. Moreover, the utility of extends to helping users understand and leverage available solar incentives, thus promoting affordability and accessibility of solar power, and driving its widespread adoption across Europe. "With, we are continuing to reshape the renewable energy landscape," Bas van der Peet's International Director commented. "Every rooftop in Europe has a role to play in the clean energy revolution. With we have a created a digital twin of all roofs, aiming to inspire everyone to contribute to achieving the EU's 2030 goal." The arrival of not only highlights the dedication to supporting large-scale renewable energy efforts but also emphasizes a firm commitment to fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.
For more information about, or to explore the range of innovative solutions from the team that brought you, visit or contact Bas van der Peet. About is a brand of GmbH. has a strong presence in Germany, The Netherlands (Zonatlas), and Spain, and is leading the way in the sustainable technology industry. Established in 2009, the team of is steadfast in their mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, delivering innovative solutions that contribute towards combating climate change and promoting a sustainable future.


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