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* Testing is currently limited to areas within Germany

Pricing suited
to your needs!

Our credit bundles are designed to fit your needs. Choose the credit package that works best for you, with options ranging from a free trial package of 21 credits to larger packages that offer even more value for your money.

21 credits
(0.00 € / Credit)
20,000 credits
5,000 €
(0.25 € / Credit)
50,000 credits
11,250 €
(0.225 € / Credit)
100,000 credits
17,500 €
(0.175 € / Credit)
250,000 credits
31,250 €
(0.125 € / Credit)
500,000 credits
35,000 €
(0.07 € / Credit)
All Prices exclude VAT
The Benelux has a special pricing scheme
A one-time setup fee may be charged additionally
*compared to Basic plan

What's the cost of
calculating a building?

With the slider below you can see the amount of credits required to calculate a new building with our API depending on it's size.

Roof size:
< 250 m²
Credit cost:
roof size
Price per building depending on bundle:
Basic (0.25 € / Credit)
Plus (0.225 € / Credit)
Pro (0.175 € / Credit)
Premium (0.125 € / Credit)
Ultimate (0.07 € / Credit)

API license

For the API for on-demand retrieval of building data with individual calculation, we offer a pay-per-use licence model where you only pay for the requested buildings. You are only charged once for each building, even if several solar calculation variants are performed (e.g. for different modules or load profiles), provided that no fundamental recalculation of the building is required due to new 3D surface data.


The pay-per-use licence model is based on credits that have to be booked in advance. Each credit package is valid for a period of one year. The minimum order is 20,000 credits per year. Both the data research and data maintenance efforts as well as the technical efforts for the provision and maintenance of the API are already included in the credits. The required number of credits per building queried depends on the respective size of the building footprint and is divided into four levels. You can decide yourself up to which roof area size the API should be available. In this way, you retain full cost control. You have access to the API usage statistics at any time.


The price per credit is max. 0.25 EUR (plus VAT). The minimum purchase is 20,000 credits.


Reach out to our experts!

If you need further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts are at your disposal and will answer you as quickly as possible.

Write us an email gmbh
Am Kai 22
44263 Dortmund