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Our Story

At One Terawatt peak, we have been committed to helping consumers realize the full potential of their roofs and harness renewable energy since 2009.

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Map of Europe
Founding of gmbh

In 2009 we founded a company with a vision. We wanted to make the world a better place - better solutions for solar and - a better service. We dared to take the first step. Despite limited resources, we were motivated to work hard and improve constantly. Even today we are still particularly proud of our success and remain innovative.

First version of own software & first solar potential cadastre in Germany

A year after founding our company, we achieved a significant milestone in developing an innovative and practical software. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to exceed customer expectations. Countless hours of research, design, and testing resulted in the creation of a game-changing solar cadastre for Germany.

New countries:
location of Germany in Europe
1st solar potential cadastre in the Netherlands

The first step abroad! In 2012 we expanded our cadastre offer with the Netherlands and were thus able to reach more customers and fulfill their wishes.

New countries:
location of the Netherlands in Europe
Pilot in Poland

In order to further expand our offer, we have introduced a pilot project in Poland to also be able to offer our service here.

New countries:
location of Poland in Europe
Open data NL & DK and pilot in Fr

After our first steps in the Netherlands in 2012, we completed them in 2014. We have also included Denmark in our portfolio and started a pilot project in France.

New countries:
Denmark & France
location of France in Europelocation of Denmark in Europe
Pilot in UK and foundation of the joint venture Zonatlas NL. B.V.

The UK joins our data as a pilot project. We have also founded the Dutch joint venture "ZONATLAS NL B.V." in order to be able to help our customers even better with our service.

New countries:
United Kingdom
location of the United Kingdom in Europe
Hello Google!

In 2016, our transformative partnership with Google provided invaluable data, resources, and support, elevating our work, fostering innovation, and creating a fruitful relationship that contributed to the success of both companies. We are grateful for this opportunity and its significance in our achievements.

sunroof Germany

Germany has been the first country which we launched together witch Google in 2017.

sunroof UK

Just a year later, also the first Google sunroof UK project was launched.

Pilot Sweden & Spain and open data UK

In 2019 we were able to launch our first pilot projects in Sweden and Spain.

Additionally we were now able to cover most the buildings of the UK based on open geodata sources.

New countries:
Sweden, Lithuania & Spain
location of Sweden in Europelocation of Lithuania in Europelocation of Spain in Europe
Open data Spain and Luxembourg

Spain and Luxembourg join our open data countries. Welcome to the family!

New countries:
location of Luxembourg in Europe

Our data is growing! In 2021 we added Austria to our available cadastre-data!

New countries:
location of Austria in Europe

After Austria, our neighbour Switzerland also joined our data for solar cadastre!

New countries:
location of Switzerland in Europe
And from here?

We are thrilled to fill the map! In the future we want to work on including the whole of Europe and beyond in our cadastral pool.

New Countries:
All of Europe


Reach out to our experts!

If you need further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts are at your disposal and will answer you as quickly as possible.

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